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On Friday, April 25, 2008, SCHEV hosted a student panel on the topic of affordability. Questions submitted by SCHEV staff were presented to the Student Advisory Council which consists of student leaders from Virginia public institutions. Read the article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


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The spring rains have turned our world green – everything is in bloom! And speaking of green, if you completed your FASFA, you should be receiving your award announcement soon.

Federal financial aid is a very good thing, but often it does not cover the entire cost of higher education. Have you thought about how you will manage the gap? Are you considering student loans, work study, or part-time employment? We would like to know!

Send a comment to this post and share your financial aid plans – it may be that there are other students out there who could benefit from your ideas.

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Don’t Be Scammed

US News & World Report recently published an article urging students to “look twice at loan offers” to ascertain whether advice is coming from an unbiased source. 


We agree, and hope that students will turn to sites, such as this one, that are run by state agencies, non-profits, the US government, or other organizations that have a vested interest in providing unbiased financial aid information. Such entities do not have ulterior motives and are more likely to provide complete, factual information about available student loans or scholarships.


For information on how to avoid scholarship scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

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When exploring financial aid options to help pay for college, one of the first steps for most students and parents is to fill out the FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The majority of FAFSA forms are filled out online, though students and parents can still request a paper version from their school counselor. 

One important thing to remember when using the online form: The official FAFSA is www.FAFSA.ed.gov. It is not a .com Web site. If you go to a .com site, you will probably be asked to pay to submit the FAFSA, and that’s no fun. The first F in FAFSA stands for “Free,” after all.


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