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Bill WendleThis month’s edition of Secrets from the Inside features Bill Wendle, Director of Financial Aid at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

Briefly, what do you think is the most exciting or attractive feature of your institution?
UVa-Wise offers students the ability to attend a reputable, academically strong institution with a small private college feel at a low public college price.

What is the single most important piece of financial aid information you think students should know?
Students and parents need to put themselves in the best position possible to have access to financial aid funds by meeting the various priority dates and deadlines for need-based and merit-based aid programs.It is important to start the process early, ask questions, and attend college- and high school-sponsored financial aid workshops.

What is the most common financial aid mistake you see, and how can students and their families keep from falling into that trap?
There are two that stand out in my mind:

  1. Missing need-based and merit-based financial aid priority dates
  2. Scams

Information is the key to avoiding these mistakes.Students and parents need to ask questions and attend college- and high school-sponsored financial aid workshops.

What is the most creative cost-saving method you’ve heard about from students?
Purchasing textbooks online at discount retail stores

What is your favorite cartoon character and why?
Bugs Bunny…I just like that “wascally wabbit.”


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Tough Times or Just Talk?

Seems that everywhere you turn these days you hear a media story about how difficult it is for students to take out loans. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed calls into question whether such a credit crunch is truly happening on a large scale or if the media is simply blowing the story out of proportion. What do you think? Did you have more trouble obtaining a student loan this year? Or do you think this news coverage is just that, a story? Click on “Comments” below to leave a reply.

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