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The latest addition to the “Secrets from the Inside” is from Shannon O’Leary, Service Team Manager at Regent University.

Briefly, what do you think is the most exciting or attractive feature of your institution?

We have a beautiful campus in Virginia Beach with easy access to the oceanfront.

 What is the single most important piece of financial aid information you think students should know?

Read everything you receive from your financial aid office, and make sure to meet all school deadlines.

 What is the most common financial aid mistake you see, and how can students and their families keep from falling into that trap? 

Borrowing more than necessary. Students that borrow conservatively will have lower monthly payments and pay less interest. Just because you are eligible for the loan does not mean you have to accept all of it.

 What is the most creative cost-saving method you’ve heard about from students?

Ask about a student discount everywhere you go (restaurants, retail stores, etc.). Many businesses do not advertise that they offer student discounts.

 What is your favorite cartoon character and why? 

Wiley E. Coyote – he never gives up!


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