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With all the challenges and headaches of the application process, ever wonder if it’s really worth it to go to college? Recent data shows that getting a degree really does help your chances of succeeding in the job market and beyond.

In an article entitled, Does Education Really Mean More Pay, Nan Mooney says your parents are right if they are pushing you to go to college. She points to a study from the National Center for Education Statistics that reveals workers with bachelor’s degrees earned 28 percent more than those with associate’s degrees, 50 percent more than those with high school degrees, and 98 percent more than those who did not earn a high school diploma.

Still worried about finding a good job in today’s economic environment? The US Department of Labor just released the 2008-09 edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook, a nationally recognized source of career information. The Handbook lists hundreds of different types of jobs and provides information about the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in each field.

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